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Due to the perishable nature of our products, we do not ship over the weekend. Orders placed by Saturday will ship the following Monday or Tuesday at the latest. Orders placed after Saturday may not be shipped out until the following week. You will receive a tracking number from either UPS or USPS (depending on carrier delivering your order).

Our standard shipping day is on Monday. If a National Holiday falls on a Monday (or mid-week), there is a chance that orders will be held until the following week in order to avoid possible shipping delays (and probable product spoilage). For customers not wanting to wait, expedited UPS Air Shipping is an available option for guaranteed shipping (please inquire).


We take exceptional care with our shipping material and keeping the products cool during transit. Gita Nagari Eco Farm & Sanctuary is not responsible for any damages or delays by UPS or USPS once they leave our facility, nor for delays in transit caused by high package volume, weather, mechanical error, strikes, natural disasters, terrorism safety control, local carrier miss-scans or inaccurate shipping information.


If your item has perished due to shipping delays or was damaged or lost, we can assist with filing a claim on your behalf with the carrier (UPS or USPS), but it is up to the carrier how long a claim will take to process and whether or not they will issue a refund. Please be sure to take photos, as UPS requires at least 7 photos to file a claim. We cannot file a claim without photos.

The default insurance coverage included in the listed shipping rates is $99 (free of charge)

We encourage customers to pay a minimal charge for upgraded insurance if their orders are valued over $99. Please feel free to inquire about rates based on your order.

In most cases our packages shipped via USPS Flat Rate Priority or standard UPS Delivery are delivered timely without any spoilage issues. However, the default shipping options mentioned above do not guarantee a delivery date. If you would like to opt for a guaranteed delivery date to insure against spoilage due to delays, please contact us for a quote on expedited, guaranteed delivery and we will be happy to upgrade your shipping method. Please note, we strongly advise that Extra Large boxes being shipped west of the Mississippi be upgraded to UPS 3-day Select to avoid delays/spoilage.

By placing an order using this online store, you are agreeing to these terms. Please read them carefully.


At checkout process, applicable packaging must be selected: If you need assistance determining box size, contact us at

Extra Small Box…...$15.15  (up to 1lb cheese OR 1 honey jar)
Small Box………….$20.00  (up to 3
lbs cheese OR 3 honey jars)
Medium Box……….$30.00  (up to 2 half gal bottles OR 6lbs cheese OR 5lbs paneer)
Large Box………….$35.05  (up to 3 half gal bottes & 2lbs cheese OR 10lbs cheese OR 9lbs paneer)
Extra Large Box…..$41.00  (up to 6 half gal bottles & 6lbs cheese; OR 20lbs cheese)

Extra Large Box......$66.50* (UPS 3-Day Select) *Strongly advised for all Extra Large orders being shipped west of the Mississippi

*Shipping cost includes insulation packaging and ice packs

If you would like to make a once-off order to be added to your subscription, please contact us ( to determine special shipping rate.

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